Wo bu dong

21 Mar 2014

It is always really helpful to see one’s work in the context of an exhibition, especially with artists one hasn’t met before, let alone shown with. Wobudongwhich explored the liminal space between drawing and writing, and considered writing as both gesture and performance, was no exception. There were overlaps and connections in terms of marks – whether found as in Catherine Wynne Paton’s piece and the found dribbles on the wall where Julie Brixley Williams installed her “tired calligraphy” – or made, repetition and notation (Sue Gough), the use of thread, reference to/use of textiles, and of grids and grid-like structures. My work was interestingly referred to as “painting with textiles” (Sue Gough).

Another link was the sense of movement (Jayne Lloyd). Jayne’s performance, “Walking in character”, explored the idea of wandering in and out of a given structure, in this case a wonky cube, and dealing with obstacles to straightforward progress; as she wandered she left behind a calligraphic woolly trail as a record of her journey.

Exhibition organised by Jayne Lloyd.

Artists: Julie Brixley Williams, Sue Gough, Jayne Lloyd, Clare Smith, Catherine Wynne Paton

Picadilly Place Manchester, 12-16 March 2014

wo bu dong jayne lloyd performance