Stitched Time at WOW Folkestone 2015

8 Mar 2015

Stitched Time was installed at 2 Church Street, an empty shop in Folkestone, as part of WOW Folkestone Women of the World Festival, 2015 from 3 – 7 March.

The exhibition opened in the evening of 2 March with a conversation hosted by Dover Arts Development entitled Empowering the Individual through the Collective.

It was entirely fitting that Stitched Time in Folkestone should open with a DAD hosted discussion as DAD is a true collaboration between myself and Joanna Jones – allowing our individual voices and our combined voices to be heard.

All the artists involved in creating the scrolls for Stitched Time took part in the discussion:

I just wanted to reiterate my thanks for and engagement with Mon evening’s event – it both contextualised the Stitched Time work and opened an artistic discourse around collaborative practice, the like of which I have not heard done in that way. A collaboration to discuss collaborative work… (Audrey Green Oakes)

During the week the lunchtime bites programmed as part of the Festival took place in the same venue. Outside of the events, a few brave members of the public intrigued by the sight of artists stitching in full view at the window, ventured in to see what it was all about.

WOW Folkestone 2015 was curated by Allegra Galvin (The Quarterhouse), Diane Dever (Folkestone Fringe) and Leah Thorn.