Walk & Draw (workshop)

Walk & Draw was a drawing workshop I ran on Thursday 30 July in the recently uncovered Fan Bay Shelter as part of the Up on the Downs Big Summer Festival in partnership with Dover Arts Development and the National Trust.

The inspiration for the Walk and Draw event was an ink and wash drawing by commissioned war artist Anthony Gross in 1941 when he spent 10 days in Dover.

Participants – visitors walking along the White Cliffs – were encouraged to do two drawings in response – a warm-up drawing lasting no longer than 5 minutes and a longer drawing of about 20 minutes. Despite the cool, damp atmosphere in the tunnels, many chose to spend much longer on their second drawing and almost all the participants who stumbled across the event were up for the challenge of rediscovering the pleasure of drawing and its power as a means of closely observing and exploring space.

I was greatly helped on the day by Petra Matthews-Crow and Alison Trelfer.

All photos by Sebastian Edge.