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Individual videos:

Making the boats (The Voyagers, 2010)

Temporary sculpture 1 min (2011)

Stitched Time 37 mins (2014)

Encountering Place (20 mins) (2017)

It was already too late, 2mins 20 (2018)

Every second counts in Xi An 30 seconds (2019)

Watercress and Daffodils 45 mins (2019)

Between the trees 6 mins 45 secs (2020)

Films commissioned for SALT by Joanna Jones, Helen Lindon and Clare Smith(For more go to Us3):

A Parable for Endeavour

No Horizon

Moon Talk



Clare Smith’s piece, ‘Temporary Sculpture’ is sculpture in a similar fashion to which Magritte’s painting is ‘…not a Pipe’. It is a video presentation of a three dimensional work collapsing. As we watch its delicate structure gently ‘tingueling’ before us we lose sight of the video and assume a commonsense connection with what we see happened to the paper structure during the video recording. We are the twitching, vulnerable structure. What happens before our eyes then happens again. And again. And again; the video’s hardware, the imagery before us as light, asserts itself, becomes sculpture of a different kind. (David Minton)

(Temporary Sculpture)

It was received very well (Alma Tischler Wood, curator of Short Films by Artists)

(It was already too late)

I keep watching your film and keep laughing and crying. (Josie Harding)

(Watercress and Daffodils)

The film took us so gently on a physical journey through the garden space, a mental journey through its history but also on an emotional journey – as we descended the space of the garden we explored some of the depths of what gardens and parks mean in times of sadness. This beautiful film worked on so many different levels and it has fundamentally shifted the way in which I am able to experience and value Russell Gardens as made and continuing to be made by us all. (Diana Baldwin)

(Watercress and Daffodils)

What a wonderful series of films, I thoroughly enjoyed them. There were so many subtle resonances throughout, humour, thoughtfulness, care and intelligence. And not least, feminist critique! Between you all you manage to spin something very light and fluid, with poetic moments of real magic and strangeness.

(3 Films)