Tea caddy

Tea caddy, 2016, Tea-stained Xuan paper, wheat starch, 18x11x11cm

The battered appearance of this small paper sculpture is a deliberate reflection of the complex and many–sided history of tea as a global product: … “the globalization of tea” “carries a history of international intrigues, monopolies, wars and ethnic displacements. … The same globalization that still causes angst and ethnic tensions also contributed to world prosperity …. ” http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/content/drink-changed-fortunes-incited-protests)

The work continues my ongoing interest in artefacts that reflect my mixed English/Chinese heritage. This seems very relevant at a time when Britain is re-examining its place in the world, especially in terms of its trading relationships.


I enjoyed the show. I particularly liked your piece because of its relevance to the theme, simplicity in concept and economy in use of materials (Chris Burke)

(Sugar and Spice exhibition)