It was already too late is the title of a video and 3 monotypes made in response to an invitation to take part in Selfscapes events 1 and 2 in the Dalby Forest, in response to the forest location and the selfscapes theme.

The video that conflates my experience of spending a few hours in Dalby Forest and a past memory of being marched with my sister around a lake in silence by my mother when we were children. We thought she was angry, but actually she was bitterly disappointed and upset.The sound track includes a short, poetic narrative read by myself which begins: “This is not the lake my mother marched me and my sister round…

The monotypes on paper deal with the same theme and take their title from the narrative of the video. The imagery draws on the shape of Staindale lake in Dalby Forest and Petersfield lake in Hampshire. Repetition is used as a performative act of traumatic testimony, while the repeated forms almost obliterate the defined shape of the lakes – obliteration as forgetting.

Selfscapes is a research cluster supported by York St John university: SelfScapes refers to the relationship between self and its environment and is a new research cluster at York St John University. The aims of this research cluster is to investigate both the body and place as sites for interconnected experiences and how this might be mediated through a range of media.