Hybrid landscapes

These monoprint/collages bring together various materials, much of it recuperated from discarded pieces of work, ghost prints, and tracings, cut up or torn and re-ordered. The fragments are parts of a disjunctive narrative, playfully brought together to create a whole. The fragments are Xuan paper onto which I have printed in an adaptation of the traditional Chine Colle technique, and also images from postcards of places – some of which I have been to, others which I have been sent by other travellers (friends and family) so the theme of travel and journeys is starting to come through, as well as memory.

Claire Manning talks about collage being abusive: Collage is abusive – it breaks down its source materials into fragments and re-constructs them into something else, which is a really interesting way of thinking about it.

For me collage is a way of being completely in the present and being spontaneous. As a way of working it is fluid and mutable and is like painting with paper.

By bringing together the different pieces, it is as if I am connecting disparate parts of the self and re-ordering chaos. At the same time the process involves the physical application of ink and handling of the material – something which is very important in my work, as it is a way of connecting mind, brain and body.