Hug those you love (watercolour collages)

Who would have thought that the exhortation to hug those you love could be seen as dangerous? When I made the work, just before lockdown, I was thinking of how hugging brings together different bodies in an intimate embrace – I was thinking of warmth, comfort, reassurance, juxtaposition and closeness.

Cut, paste, glue, draw, stitch… The drawings are made on a small table at home with limited availability or materials: they incorporate fragments of previous work as a strategy for reuniting, rearranging, restoring and juxtaposing different elements to form new relationships. The pieces are colourful, abstract, exuberant even: a testament to the urgency of life and the healing power of colour.

Please contact me if you are interested in buying a piece. The works in the exhibition are in a bleached box frame with a float mount and conservation glass. Framed size 45.5×35.7cm

The flyer was designed by Edda Salander-Jones.



When I first saw these beautiful works I immediately experienced them as drawings.
They in fact use watercolour and are collaged and sewn. So why drawings? I think it must have to do with the way Clare Smith links everything with a line, fat or thin, embroidered or painted, and the way she uses the watercolours that is similar to the way I have seen her apply Chinese ink to tell a story as her dot takes a walk.*

*Paul Klee a line is a dot that takes a walk.

(Joanna Jones (2020))

The work of Clare Smith is very joyous and unique with enticing and exciting forms. She combines the textural abstract art with echos of Jasper Johns , Matisseann colour, elements of her chinese roots in some of the subject matter and in her water colours . A blue rabbit leaps out of the moon. I often conclude that even with my favourite artists I really enjoy one on ten pieces of artwork but while Clare has been producing one piece of artwork a day, using different formats from japanese water colour to photo print to collage ,from abstract to figurative, not a day has gone by when I haven’t been lifted by her imagination colour and shape. She is an artist who will go far and I look forward to her next creations.

(Jenni Corner (2020))

Thank you for sharing your watercolour collages. They are so beautiful.

(Victoria Pomeroy)

Very beautiful works on show - delicate watercolour and ink drawings on Chinese gridded paper.

(Thurle Wright)