Hug those you love (watercolour collages)

Cut, paste, glue, draw, paint, stitch… Chinese ink,  Japanese watercolours, collage on Chinese practice paper.

Work on paper intended for practising Chinese calligraphy while also acting as a “readymade” though slightly wonky grid, which nonetheless provides a nod to Modernism and to the ordered grid of Chinese calligraphy and the rigid, disciplinarian family system on my mother’s side, and at the same time to the social codes of English society, including the notion of English reserve, which I had to learn.

The work incorporates fragments of previous work as a strategy for reuniting, rearranging, restoring and juxtaposing different elements to form new relationships. They are colourful, abstract, exuberant even: a testament to the urgency of life and the healing power of colour.

15 pieces are currently being exhibited at Brew Folkestone. You can download a pdf of the work on show here: Hug those you love_LIST OF WORKS

The work in the exhibition is framed and each piece is priced at £320. Please contact me if you are interested.

The flyer was designed by Edda Salander-Jones.



When I first saw these beautiful works I immediately experienced them as drawings.
They in fact use watercolour and are collaged and sewn. So why drawings? I think it must have to do with the way Clare Smith links everything with a line, fat or thin, embroidered or painted, and the way she uses the watercolours that is similar to the way I have seen her apply Chinese ink to tell a story as her dot takes a walk.*

*Paul Klee a line is a dot that takes a walk.

(Joanna Jones (2020))

The work of Clare Smith is very joyous and unique with enticing and exciting forms. She combines the textural abstract art with echos of Jasper Johns , Matisseann colour, elements of her chinese roots in some of the subject matter and in her water colours . A blue rabbit leaps out of the moon. I often conclude that even with my favourite artists I really enjoy one on ten pieces of artwork but while Clare has been producing one piece of artwork a day, using different formats from japanese water colour to photo print to collage ,from abstract to figurative, not a day has gone by when I haven’t been lifted by her imagination colour and shape. She is an artist who will go far and I look forward to her next creations.

(Jenni Corner (2020))

Thank you for sharing your watercolour collages. They are so beautiful.

(Victoria Pomeroy)