Miscellaneous Drawings (pre 2020)

Absolutely exquisite. Clare Smith’s drawings are deeply moving and set up a wonderful dialogue with nature drawing from Albrecht Dürer, through Maria Marian and Mary Delany; whillst being completely contemporary. (Peter Sheppard Skaerved)

Still there, still strong, despite hard life, with young trees next to them, and by the water neither young nor old, just moving. And I like the bubble <where they stand, like the bubble of the two agapanthus : it is their own life, their own story, their own world. (Nicolette Picheral)


Your drawings are full of joy and must fill you with love too.
Love (of life, work, family, friends, complete strangers, every leaf, every stone ) keeps brining us joy which brings us more love.

(Anna Liu)

I really love your drawings, the two pigs are beautiful

(Justine Johnson)

The work you are making is so inspiring!

(Steph Wallace)