We live in a collaged world…and we collage our identity, try to make sense of all the different parts and try to make a whole that means something,. Over a lifetime we collect bits and pieces that fit or don’t …

These collages bring together various materials, much of it recuperated from discarded pieces of work, ghost prints, and tracings, cut up or torn and re-ordered. The fragments are parts of a disjunctive narrative, playfully brought together to create a whole.

For me collage is a way of being completely in the present and being spontaneous. As a way of working it is fluid and mutable and is like painting with paper.

By bringing together the different pieces, it is as if I am connecting disparate parts of the self and re-ordering chaos. At the same time the process involves the physical application of ink, pens, paper and handling of the material –  a way of connecting mind, brain and body.