Collaborative projects

2015-2019: SALT, Folkestone’s Festival of the Sea and the Environment: collaborative work with Joanna Jones and Helen Lindon

A table of elements: A Table of Elements was an exhibition, which opened with a curated conversation with a group of invited guests from different walks of life about climate, inner and outer weather and an accompanying workshop.

A Parable for Endeavour, No Horizon, Moon Talk: A trilogy of films shot on location in Dover, Folkestone and Samphire Hoe. See also the Us3 website

The 3 films expand the individual practices of the artists, bringing together experimental film, expanded cinema, painting, performance, drawing, sound, digital and material practice. The result is moving image born out of experimental processes, collaboratively edited to reflect  concerns about climate change, coastal erosion, migration and movement of people, geological and human time and anything else the 3 turn their minds to in conversation and image.

Discussion at King’s College Cambridge (International women’s Day) (parable for endeavour):


2008: Dover’s Moveable Feast, co-curated with Joanna Jones and Alma Tischler Wood; day for artists to eat and perform (London Biennale 2008)
2007: One day Museum of Arrows and Archery co-curated with Joanna  Jones (London Biennale Dover Pollinations)