Pierre-Yves Brest’s exhibition in Tourcoing

20 Nov 2013

I was in Lille with Joanna Jones last week to visiting Nicolette Picheral in Lille Sud, where I used to go when I was project co-ordinator of Mode Future for UCA.

We also visited Tourcoing on the border with Belgium where we went to a lunchtime presentation of an urban regeneration/town planning project which is renovating houses in a district of the town initially due to be demolished. We had time to visit one of the houses before going to see Pierre-Yves Brest’s exhibition in Tourcoing library made during a residency in the districts known as La Bourgogne and La Marlière from June to September 2013. The exhibition is entitled Opus Incertuma term still used by architects today which refers to the ancient Roman construction technique of using irregular shaped and randomly placed stones. The exhibition which includes photographs and a film examines the theme of the ‘border’, ‘wall’, ‘frontier’ or ‘barrier’: The film is a fascinting and disturbing exposé of a community that has literally been marginalised, placed within a fortress, on the edge, on the border, out of the way; at the same time, the community, living by means of a parallel economy  now wards off mainstream society and is wary of prying eyes or interference.

Both Nicolette and Pierre-Yves  have worked with DAD.