January lockdown

18 Jan 2021

I’ve not been to the studio and am missing the space though not missing the cold! So meanwhile I juggle pieces of paper on a small table and try not to spill ink, paint, glue….

I am continuing with my hopeful and colourful drawings and collages and making small forays into painting. This is a small piece – only A6 – but I think I might do a whole series of pine trees, either as a large piece made up of smaller juxtaposed pieces or just keep the work produced as a series.

Let’s see what happens.

Lockdown Christmas

29 Dec 2020

I’ve been busy, when not in the kitchen, making some collages/drawings – multimedia works.

Keeping the gloom at bay #2, 2020, 30.5x45cm, ink. marker pens, watercolour


6 Dec 2020

I’ve recently started using gold metallic paint in my work. I did this instinctively or intuitively and realise now its power as a symbol of eternity, the immortal and the divine as well as light.

So during lockdown I’ve been trying to bring light into this strange world, to bring hope and joy and fulfilling a desire to “make something lovely or strange” (Olivia Laing, Tate magazine issue 49, Art in an Emergency)

Dwell Time Banners for Huddersfield Railway Station

4 Dec 2020

Very pleased that my chemo day drawing Series 1 #030 25 November #2 has been printed by Dwell Time and is on display at Huddersfield Railway station along with other wonderful work.

Dwell Time is an award winning, not-for-profit arts publication reflecting on mental wellbeing. Produced and curated by Alice Bradshaw, Vanessa Haley & Lenny Szrama, founded in 2018. Design by Ashleigh Armitage.

Videos of my exhibition of chemo day drawings

13 Nov 2020

Click here to go to a video of my exhibition of chemo day drawings in the new Seven Hills Gallery at Sheffield Norther General Hospital.

The exhibition is currently open only to hospital staff so I have been organising a few virtual viewings.

Some feedback:

what a beautiful, powerful, and empowering body of work!

Despite the digital dimension of the event, we were all very near and concentrated.
You could feel the emotion.
This is a very dense work in terms of content and meaningfulness.
My wish is now to discover it in reality.

You are here

13 Nov 2020

I am delighted to be one of the 50 artists selected for YOU ARE HERE curated by Kate Trafeli and James Stewart for Katmapped‘s inaugural show. There is some really beautiful work so do please visit the site.


“YOU ARE HERE” Opens 12 November at www.katmapped.org
London, England.  For Immediate Release.

A new curated exhibition of 50 artists’ works selected from 400 submissions worldwide opens 12 November 2020 online at www.katmapped.org.

YOU ARE HERE explores how the concept of maps and mapping, internal and external, has informed living artists works and thoughts. This online exhibition presents a stimulating and visually striking grouping of works and spans drawing, video, sculpture, photography and installation from artists around the world. 

The ‘You Are Here’ exhibition has been curated by two practising artists: Kate Trafeli, working out of London, and James Stewart, working out of Devon. The selections were chosen after evaluation by the curators, working in tandem remotely, from 400 submissions received in response to an open call request made by @katmapped. The works on show have been selected by the curators on the basis of the strength of the work presented combined with their relevance to the show’s theme. 

Unprecedented times have changed how and where artists work, show their art, and what they are creating in an uncharted world, This online exhibition presents an avenue for artists and viewers to collectively participate in the arts while many museums, galleries and shows remain closed. This exhibition showcases living artists making engaging works around the world — and which when viewed together are thematically cohesive. Here, far flung geographies and lockdowns do not constrain us. 

Contact info: 

Site: www.katmapped.org
Instagram: @katmapped
Email Address: katmapped@gmail.co