Keep Going

5 Mar 2014

An unexpected response to my recent newsletter was violinist Peter Sheppard-Skaerved’s suggestion of a salon in my space in Dover.

Your space looks perfect for an event. I would love to play in there! with your fantastic nets/clouds/matrices/neural pathways/constellations…..

The Salon was organised by Dover Arts Development and I suddenly found myself having to get in plenty of chairs as places went fast! See full write-up and programme here.

It was a fantastic programme, which included a rare opportunity to hear and watch a virtuoso performance by Peter of Philip Glass’s  Strung Out for walking violinist. It was a great honour too to talk to composer Michael Alec Rose, whose compositions Il Ritorno and Silence (World Premiere) were also performed, both taking inspiration from walks on Dartmoor. Malene’s rich evocative voice in the reading of her poems, woven into the music, was a joy to listen to.

“I just wanted to say that it was such a shame to miss yesterday. It looked amazing. Your work works so beautifully there, as a kind of intricate backdrop/world of its own.” (Korinna McRobert)

The programe was built around the idea of walking.

“… lives are led not inside places but through, around, to and from them, from and to places elsewhere. …. I use the term wayfaring to describe the embodied experiene of this perambulatory movement. It is as wayfarers, then that human heings inhabit the earth. …. But by the same token human existence is not fundamentally place-bound …. but place binding. Proceeding along a path, every inhabitant lays a trail. where inhabitants meet, trails are entwined, as he life of each becomes bound up with the other. Every entwining is a knot, and the more that lifelines are entwined the greater the density of the knot.

Places then are like knots, and the treads from which they are tied are lines of wayfaring.” (Tim Ingold, Being Alive, pp. 148-149)

Rosie James installed her transparent stitched drawings to complete the visual arts aspect of the salon.

The event was possible due to the generosity of both audience and artists.

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