Wobudong was organised by Jayne Lloyd.

Artists: Julie Brixley Williams, Sue Gough, Jayne Lloyd, Clare Smith, Catherine Wynne Paton

“The exhibition brought together works that are influenced by the actions, traces and aesthetics of handwriting or its ephemera – the lines and grids that guide it.  …. The artworks in the exhibition will contain written language but no legible text, …. By only including works that strip language of this ‘meaning’ the viewer is invited to explore what else may be communicated. … Many of the selected works exist in a liminal space between drawing and writing, questioning where one ends and the other begins and unsettling such categorisations. (Jayne Lloyd)

“… Clare works with the paper used to practise writing Chinese characters and is interested in language loss and the inadequacy of language. There are no words (2014) refers to the difficulty of finding the right words to express emotional states. The artist often cuts out the space within the grids, which would be used for writing, creating empty spaces of possibility and transforming the grids into lace-like, almost neural structures.”

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