Drawing Conversations 2: Body, Space, Object

27 Nov 2017

I will be presenting a paper at Drawing Conversations 2: Body, Space, Object at Coventry University on 8 December.

I will tell the story of my encounter with the privately owned Boldshaves Garden in Kent and the methodology used in the resulting video. The video was screened in the potting shed in the garden during the Wealden Literary Festival 2017.

I will begin with some brief scene setting and explain how I came to be there and follow this with a description of the video and talk about my approach to making it. I discuss how the process of making the video mirrors the slow process of discovering the garden using different modes of vision, by meandering through it and uncovering or making visible the hidden labour that goes into its creation. I also discuss the use of a go pro and multiple cameras to map the geometries of the garden and record the performative process of drawing, which I equate with the hand of the gardener, Duncan: both artist and gardener are engaged in shaping, creating, structuring and constructing an aesthetic experience. I will consider definitions of the garden as a constructed, bounded space and their use as places of relaxation that are designed to hide the labour that goes into their making and I will also consider the nature of the borders that mark off the garden as a space.

What starts as a portrait of a garden ends as a presentation of the experience of being in it, in the here and now.