Dover, Dunkerque

2 Oct 2013

Nicolette Picheral’s performance on 28 and 29 September of Between Beacon and Shaft in Dover’s Drop Redoubt, built to repel Napoleon and from where you can see France, was full of rich metaphorical references to borders – divisions between peoples and lands. And the soundscape created by Colin Hinds was exceptional.

Borders are there to divide but also, necessarily, to define, as Nanne Meyer pointed out in her excellent start to a discussion with cultural actors from France and the UK, organised by DAD, around a table at the White Cliffs Visitor Centre in the evening on 28th.

I was back in Dunkerque on Monday, taking part in the Dunkerque 2013 Culture Forum and talking about how the organisations within the trans-maritime area that includes the Nord pas de Calais and Kent can understand the sea as a connector rather than a divider. Discussions ranged from the philosophical – touching the “other” to better know the “self” – to the practical – what can we actually do together.