Strangelove Timebased Media Festival

15 Feb 2019

Every Second Counts in Xi An (30 seconds): included in Strangelove time-based media Festival 2019.

Strangelove Festival 2019 invited artists to submit 30 second films, responding to the festival’s theme of duration – reflecting our fast-paced consumer culture of digital media. Thirty seconds is: how long most adverts last, how long most people look at an artwork in a gallery, 12 breathes and an 0.008th of an hour.

Every Second Counts Dates and locations
The Photographers Gallery, London on 23rd February, 3.30-5pm
Turner Contemporary, Margate on 2nd March, 10am-1.30pm
Fabrica, Brighton on 14th March, 7pm-9pm
Hop Projects CT20, Folkestone 24th March, 11am-12pm.

FiLiArt screening

9 Oct 2017

My film Encountering Place made during my residency with the Wealden Literary Festival 2017 is being screened as part of the FiLiArt programme, at the FiLiA conference 2017.