Interview with Gary Shipley

29 Mar 2013

Gary Shipley of Script Journal interviewed me about my work. You can read it here. In it we talk about the impossibility of anonymity, absence, practice, erasure …

“…really interesting for someone like me; who has seen your work and enjoys it, but doesn’t necessarily know what your specific concerns are. A real insight and clearly and simply expressed, which is helpful for dyslexics like me!”

“Thanks so much for sending me the interview with the illustrations – I think it’s fabulous! Wonderfully interesting although I confess a fair bit of it is over my head”

“A great article …. I find a real connection with what you say about celebrating the error, and not starting something if you know exactly how it’s going to look when it’s finished. …. Your pictures look really beautiful by the way.”

I was genuinely moved by a lot of what you said. The bit about getting to a point of pain really made sense to me. I love what you say about memory, I feel it that way too. It is very visceral and we are carrying it around with us, constantly transforming somehow while staying intact. The work becomes even more beautiful when you know the background and the journey. You put it brilliantly. Really great interview. Thanks for sharing.”

“Have just found the time to read your interview in ‘script’ and look at the new work. Its coming on fabulously, I really like the broken grid pieces and the ‘sieve’ works, extremely evocative, confident and very beautiful. I particularly like the calligraphy accompanying the lattice works.”