Watercress and Daffodils: the book

25 Oct 2019

My book, Watercress and Daffodils, to accompany the video of the same name is out! It includes essays by Karen Jones (University of Kent), Charles Holland (Charles Holland Architects), Philip Hutton (Architect) Richard Taylor (artist), Louisa Love (artist) and haikus by Ben Hunt.

From the introduction:

In setting out to make Watercress and Daffodils, my aim was to bring together, into the filmic space, the now separate private and public gardens that once made up Kearsney Court Gardens, designed by Thomas Mawson (1861-1933), the first English garden designer to call himself a landscape architect. The private gardens now comprise Kearsney Court Gardens, attached to the set of 7 houses comprising Kearsney Court, and the former kitchen garden. The public gardens are known as Russell Gardens and are a very rare example of Mawson’s work, open to the public in the south east.

Little did I know that through the process of interviewing and talking to the protagonists that there would also be a personal story of closure – unearthing and revelation – that reflected the laying bare of the garden as it was about to undergo a process of restoration.

Please contact me if you would like a copy.

Feedback on the book:

  • Very happy to have contributed to Watercress and Daffodils, a lovely study of Kearsney Park in Dover by my friend and occasional colleague Clare Smith of @DoverArts (Charles Holland)
  • very happy to have contributed a short reflective essay ‘It Grows With Me: On Porous Borders’ to @clare_smith ‘s new book ‘Watercress & Daffodils’, published to accompany her beautiful film of the same name. A lovely, ruminative book with photography & haiku by @benjamin.a.hunt and excellent texts also from @charlesjholland@richard_taylor_artist_writer Karen R Jones, Philip Hutton, and of course dear Clare herself

Stitched books

3 Apr 2015

Sometimes I wonder if I should make a few more of these small, stitched books using my versions of the Chinese horoscope animals. There is an art market coming up in Maidstone in September which I am planning to take part in so if I’m going to make more, I had better get going.