A Fine Line, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks

28 Feb 2014

Accidentally brilliant” (Nicole Mollet)

“Lovely show and I must say yours is my favourite work!” (Joanna Jones)

Temporary Sculpture (The Tower) is a structure that succeeds in standing for a very short time before falling over.

The exhibition has been reviewed by David Minton on Interface:

Clare Smith’s piece, ‘Temporary Sculpture’ is sculpture in a similar fashion to which Magritte’s painting is ‘…not a Pipe’. It is a video presentation of a three dimensional work collapsing. As we watch its delicate structure gently ‘tingueling’ before us we lose sight of the video and assume a commonsense connection with what we see happened to the paper structure during the video recording. We are the twitching, vulnerable structure. What happens before our eyes then happens again. And again. And again; the video’s hardware, the imagery before us as light, asserts itself, becomes sculpture of a different kind.

There is a fine line between success and failure:

What is success? Selling a piece of work for however large or small a sum, fame or recognition by one’s peers?

In “On Failure and Anonymity”, Mira Schor writes “Real Success is the ability to continue making art that is alive.”[1] Survival then, as an artist, despite the cold studios and constant doubt.

Failure for Schor is when artists accept the status quo, stay within their limitations. But it is also an inescapable condition of life and exists in the gap between what the artist intends the work to be and what it is.

[1] Schor, Mira. On Failure and Anonymity, published in Wet, On Painting, Feminism, and Art Culture, Duke University Press, Durham and London 1997, pp. 121-124