New work

25 Feb 2021

Here we go again, 2021 #2, 31x46cm, ink, watercolour, marker pens on xuan paper

Imagined landscape with figures

24 Jan 2021

Through the woods

Here is my latest collage using pieces collected from previous work and then embellished with additional drawing.

January lockdown

18 Jan 2021

I’ve not been to the studio and am missing the space though not missing the cold! So meanwhile I juggle pieces of paper on a small table and try not to spill ink, paint, glue….

I am continuing with my hopeful and colourful drawings and collages and making small forays into painting. This is a small piece – only A6 – but I think I might do a whole series of pine trees, either as a large piece made up of smaller juxtaposed pieces or just keep the work produced as a series.

Let’s see what happens.

Lockdown Christmas

29 Dec 2020

I’ve been busy, when not in the kitchen, making some collages/drawings – multimedia works.

Keeping the gloom at bay #2, 2020, 30.5x45cm, ink. marker pens, watercolour